Reading Plus Answers [ Level A ] ― A Complete List

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As we begin, it is important to understand the system and its levels.

In case you are unfamiliar with Reading Plus, it is a program designed to improve the reading skills of individuals.

Moreover, since each individual learns and reads at a different pace, the program offers a variety of levels to accommodate these differences.

As a result of these levels, individuals from a variety of backgrounds are able to improve their skills.

However, some of these levels can be challenging, which is the reason why people search for answers.

It is for this reason that we believe you are reading these Reading Plus answers.

There are hundreds of stories associated with these levels, including Level A.

It is therefore difficult to keep track of the answers to all the stories, especially the new ones.

So with that in mind, let us now review the Reading Plus Level A answers we have been able to find for you.

Note: Please note that there may be more stories than those listed below.

Reading Plus Answers – Level A:

Following are all the answers to some of the stories of Level A found in Reading Plus.

How the Spider Came to Be:

1. This story is a myth. Often, a myth may teach a lesson. The main lesson in this story is: ‘too much pride can be a bad thing.’

2. According to the story, Arachne was: ‘a young woman.’

3. The great weaver in the story is a goddess. Why is this important to know?: ‘A goddess can do things that a human cannot.’

4. From what you have read, which of these sentences is true?: ‘Arachne did not have a teacher.’

5. In this part of the text, what does “move Arachne’s hand” mean?: ‘help Arachne weave.’

These are all the Reading Plus answers of Level A we have in our database.

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